De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Another suprise delivery

Another mission complete..
If u guys have any question, just email me k..

Surprise delivery (n_n)v

Just back from surprise delivery to E-car's hubby.. hope E-car and her hubby like it..
Mission complete (\^_^/)

Sepatutnya ballon tu bentuk love but bila tiup belon love, x jd bentuk love then meletup lak so other alternative terpaksa lah letak white ballon..
sorry the pics bit blur.. (-_-)"

Monday, February 18, 2008


Instead u guys give ur loved real flower y dont u change to cupcakes design basket of flowers.. Thanks to Boy and Azlan..hope ur girls like it.. (n_n)v

psst.. i still loved get real flowers.. hehhe.. :p

Barbie doll Cake

Flavor : Chocolate Moist / Buttercake
Minimum Weight : 1kg ++
Frosting : Buttercream
Price : RM 80.00

Another Choc Moist Cake

Made this cakes few days ago.. Thanks every1 for ur support.. hope u guys like it.. Nyummy (n_n)v ... by d way, warning for peoples who diet rite now, make sure u have mental prepare or u guys cant resist this choc moist cake.. :p

Thursday, February 7, 2008

Heavenly Chocolicious

This moist chocolate cake will certainly be loved and appreciated by those die hard chocolate cakes fans

Minimum weight : 1.2kg++ (round) 1.5kg++ (square)
Frosting : Chocolate ganache
Price : RM 55.00 (round) RM70 (square)

Steam Buttercream









Minimum weight : 1.2kg++ (round) 1.5kg++ (square)
Flavor : Choco Moist Cake / Buttercake
Topping : Buttercream
Price : RM 50++ (round) RM60++ (square)

* Filling : Blueberry/Strawberry add RM5

Gmail (
Call 016-7517204

Cupcakes Price

Flavour : - Vanilla / Strawberry / Pandan
Frosting :
- Buttercream

**Flavor & Topping : Heavenly Chocolicious (My recommendation)**

( Choco Moist Cake + Choco Ganache )

S = 2 oz
36pcs (RM75)

M = 2.5 oz
16pcs (RM38/4designs) 25pcs (RM55/5designs)

L = 3.25 oz
16pcs (RM45/4designs) 25pcs (RM65/5designs)

For S size, only simple designs due to limited space..
D price including d designs.. (deco wif buttercream)
If using fondant, d price will b different.. GMAIL me d designs n I will let u know d price.. =)

Price (Large order)

M size

Below 250pcs = RM 2.50
Below 750pcs = RM 2.30
Above 751pcs = RM 2.20

L size

Below 250pcs = RM 2.80
Below 750pcs = RM 2.60
Above 751pcs = RM 2.50

* Including individual packaging(dome)

* Only one flavour for each minimum orders.

Design :

For 16 pcs = max 4 designs

For 25pcs = max 5 designs

Delivery Charges

I can deliver u guys order around JB (if i''m free on that day)

Minimum charges : RM18

or u guys can pick up ur order at my house.. Map will given once the order confirm..

Design maybe will not same as the picture order ..Due to we as humans :)
Menu and pricing might change from time to time...

If u guys have any Q, just GMAIL me ( or CALL (016-7515204)

Happy Munching.. (n_n)v

Best Regards,
Amoi/Yumi/Mrs Faisal

How to Order

  1. Orders and enquiries are via email only
  2. Please do sms once you sent an email to me. Order will be confirmed once you received my confirmation.
  3. 14 days leadtime is required. For festive and popular dates please place order earlier than 14 days to avoid disappointment
  4. For order cupcakes more than 1000, please make your order at least 1 month to avoid disappointment
  5. Please add the date of collection/delivery on Subject header
  6. Don’t forgot to add your contact number as well.. and not forget your name
  7. Urgent orders (within 14 days) might still be accepted if there’s still baking slot available.
  8. U need to pay deposit thru my account number once i confirmed ur order
  9. Emails are generally answered within 48hrs, sometimes replies may be slow during peak periods. I seek your understanding in this matter. Thank you

Email me the details of your order at

  • Date of collection/delivery
  • Your name & Contact number
  • Quantity
  • Cupcakes flavour
  • Note (optional)
  • Design (designs from dE Sweet Bite gallery OR if u have designs, let me know)
  • FREE DELIVERY for order more than RM200 (depends where are u staying)
  • I can deliver around JB depends with my schedule
  • Or you can drop by at my house (address and map will given when the order confirm)