De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Monday, May 26, 2008

Lucky hubby

Another hubby get surprised.. Thanks Azwin..hope ur hubby, Fahmie enjoy eating d cuppies..
When i'm on my way to deliver, hujan turun renyai2.. selamat x lebat sangat...Aisey kite sesat until Titan.. hehe.. tgk map nampak cam dekat.. xde tulis petronas.. hhuhu.. selamat cuppies tu sampai.. :p
Thanks again.. Happy Anniversary for both of u..
ur baby so cute.. :)
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Friday, May 23, 2008

Birthday Azmir

Thanks Aida(my friend & neighbor) for order from me..
Happy Birthday Azmir!! May Allah bless u.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Basyir's birthday

Happy Birthday Bashir!! Hope wut u dream will come true and may Allah bless u.. :)
This designs was request by Aisha.. (she ordered again n again from me.. million thanks Aisha).. muacss
credit to Onepiece bakery(Hajar&Fazla) for the designs..
they are so talented n i'm still in kindergarten so d designs like so so.. hehhe..
but still thanks again for all of u sebab give me chance to bring a smile in ur face..and ur tummy.. hehe.. :p

ada few order yg design quite same, so me x upload.. hopefully jgn ada yg kecik ati k..
Starting June, the promotion for 25pcs will ended.. so the price for 25pcs = RM55 like before..
and for the cartoon design i will charge RM3-5 per box.. depends with ur designs..
i will update d price ASAP..
Happy Munching!!


This cuppies was order on 17/5 by Zaza's fren, Ika.. Thanks a bunch Zaza for recommend ur fren to me.. :)

This cuppies me deliver arini.. Hopefully this cuppies bring a smile to Ika's fren.. hope to hear good news.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Happy Birthday Steffi's friend

Thanks sweet Steffi for ordered from me.. hope u like it..
she requested few designs from Mommacupcakes.. thanks a bunch Momma for the designs..
Happy Munching!!

Thanks Aunty Bedah

Thanks aunty Bedah(Yaya's aunty) for ordered from me..
If u guys want to order larger quantity let me know early..
i can do with simple design.. not so complicated..
email me the design u want and i will see whether kite ble buat in quantity byk or not..
Happy Munching!!


Thanks to my mom's fren for d cuppies..
her theme is cream & chocolate..
If u guys want to order engagement cuppies, d price will not the same if u want to put fondant..
If u guys have design want me to deco for u, let me know..
Credit to lynnhassan for the designs.. Thanks a bunch!! :)
Happy Munching!!!

Birthday Zaza's Mom & Welcoming new family

Happy Birthday mum!! May Allah bless u..
and thanks Zaza for ordered from me again!!
hope u & ur family like d cuppies.. :)
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Thanks again lil Aisha

Thanks again lil Aisha for ordered from me again n again.. :)
Not 4get.. Happy Birthday Mr Azam.. May Allah bless u..
The designs is requested by Aisha..
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Teacher's Day

Thanks Aisha&Sara for ordered again from me..
Selamat Hari Guru to all teachers around d world..
miss my teacher..
cikgu Rashid (cikgu disiplin&math teacher).. cikgu spec(lupe nama die.. tapi ajar me sejarah).. cikgu Ahmad(cikgu sains).. miss them a lot..n other teachers yg ajar me dr skolah rendah(SKR Sri Amar) Sekolah menengah Permas Jaya, Sekolah Menengah Teknik Perdagangan Johor Bahru n my college's lecturer... thanks a lot 4 ur explantions.. ur ilmu..muacsss....
Well, Aisha&Sara.. enjoy ur life as student k.. nnt rindu tau.. :) like me..

credit to Onepiece bakery & mommacupcakes for d designs.. :) thanks a lot guys!!
Happy Munching!!

Mother's Day

Thanks to Zaza, Yaya, Nani, Intan for Mother's day ordered.. :)
Sorry Zaza, x perasan 4got ur mom punye name.. lucky i have few cuppies extra to cover my mistake..
Yeah.. Happy mother's day again to all mothers around d world..
muacss.. love u mom!! (n_n)v
Happy Munching guys..
p/s: if ada order yg kite x upload pic, sorry k.. sama ada terlupe or d pics quite same.. ^^

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chelsea VS MU


Tomorrow the final of UEFA Champions what team u guys vote?? d blue side of MU or the red side of MU?

Honestly I’m not fanatic fan of football.. but I like Michael Ballack so I will pom pom for Chelsea.. ehhehe.. :p

Sorry guys sebab lama sangat x upload picture n no post pape.. busy sket..

so i'll try my best to upload picture this week..
before i forget.. Happy Mother's Day to all moms around d world especially my moms, atuk, aunty and mother's 2 be (my lovely sis,my sis in law and my friend, Nora)
and another wish Happy teacher's day.. :)

p/s: starting 1st June the price of cupppies will change.. and new design will upload..
take care!!
Happy Munching guys!!

aiyak.. chelsea kalah lak.. huhu..

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Mom to be.. NORA

This cuppies for my sweeeet friend, NORA.. already 8months.. quite cute dulu die kurus je.. but rite now, comel.. :D..

Abas, ask ur mommy makan habis tau.. :p

Hopefully Nora selamat melahirkan baby.. amin..
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Lil Aisha's friend

Thanks lil Aisha's friend.. hope this cuppies make ur mom's smile.. :)
the designs requested by him.. n i think with lil Aisha help...
If u guys have any design want me to deco for u, just let me know k..
owh.. thanks to Sara sebab take the delivery.. sian die panas² :)
Happy Munching!!

OMG!Cutenye!Rugi aisha x dapat sis straight away gave it to my fren n he so loves it.hee..n thanx 4 d delivery!c u tuesday..=) -lil aisha

Brother's staff

This choc moist cake was order by Rohaya.. hope u and ur mom like it..

This cuppies ordered by Siti.. she request desigsn from dE Sweet Bite gallery..

Rohaya ordered this cuppies and she requested a few design from Lil Aisha order..

p/s: Thanks Azizi for ur help.. n thanks Rohaya n Siti for order from me.. selamat td x sesat.. terlajak lg.. :p

Sweet Zaza

Thanks for order Zaza.. hope u like it.. hope this cuppies make u and ur friend(ehem ehem) smile.. (n_n)v

Friday, May 2, 2008

Cartoon Cakes

Minimum weight : 1.2kg++ (round) 1.5kg++ (square)
Frosting : Chocolate ganache
Price : RM 60.00 (round) RM75 (square)

D price including d design.. 1 image cartoon per cake.. if more than 1, will have extra charge..
if EDIBLE IMAGE, will have extra charge..