De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Testimonials :)

- thnx fr the surprise cupcakes delivery..much appreciated!! hubby pun suke... - E-car

she like it!! happy giler dia.. i balik JB 8hb tu.. Dia susun kat dalam fridge exactly the same cam u hantar.. Tunggu anak2 i balik baru celebrate..bagi makan yg bunga2 jek yg wording dia tak kasi cuit.. ... dapat gak i rasa.. sedap sgt!!! next time leh order lagik.... thanks for the suprise delivery yaaa.... - Hazlita

ayumi thanks sgt 4 ur cupcakes yg cute suka sgt design u bwat 4 my fwen
n my fwen pun suka sgt wif ur design sampaikan dia xnk makan cupcakes yg i bg tu..hehehe - Malyia (yaya)

- tq for de delivery, suka sangat dgn design awak tu. - Siti Noor (azuzie) (Happy Birthday Tikah)

- thanks kak!d cuppies were very nice n taste lovely.=) will order more frm time to time.hee - aisha (Little Aisha)

- i loveee the elmo and cookie monster! it was so awesomely friends and i kept staring at it all through our classes. some of my guy friends loveeee the bikini design.&& the rainbow and butterfly design,, is just so cute!!

thanks btw. fantabulous job! i'll definitely ask my sis (aishah) to order more more more ;p;p - sarah (Little Aisha)

- Thanks for the was delicious.....everyone at home and work likes it......and personally thanks for the delivery too.......personal delivery to singapore....great service.... - Faisal (To Faisal Singapore)

Great and cun!!! thanks for make my lil one come true... hopefully in future yumi ada mould untuk buat kek barbie.. do info me.. I will the one who make the order first regarthless the price...
To others, orderlah dari yumi ni sure tak menyesal...
again, thanks yaaa yumi.. hope to see you again in future order... - Hazlita Bahkiar (Ariel Mermaid)

amoi.. thanks heaps.. the cuppies are gorgeous.. excited sgt time nak mkn ehehehe.. hubby was thrilled.. n he loves the taste.. not too sweet, unlike any other cuppies.. just nice for our liking.. i love the choc ganache.. so generous.. i will definitely order from u again.. - Yati (Sri Alam)

to amoi... thanks for da cokelat kek... mmg sedap abis.. harga yg amat berpatutan... amat sesuai kepada cokelat lover mcam aku nie... muahahahah!! don wori aku akan order lg pasnie...- Apislinkin (Lucky Wife)

Thanks a lot ayumi... a few people have asked about the cupcakes. Nanti I refer to you ye. Goodluck!!! - Kak Liza (Adlan's Bufday)

ayumie...huarghh...lapo lak tgk cuppies yg ciut miut nih...terasa nak bertunang semula pon ada jugak...hahahaha.anyway...thanks again sbb design cuppies jadik kiut gini...SIL suka...sampai dia rasa sayang nak makan...hihihi...ada rezeki kita jupe bulan 8 ni okeh...insyaAllah akak lek JB - Kak Aween (Engagement Shaf&Jas)

thankz amoi 4 did a very tasty,yummy and cute cuppy 4 my parents n bf..nanti i order lagi k tuk bufdaY sendiri..huhuhu:D:D - Yarn-tea (Birthday Mama&Abah & Birthday Nam)

sedap.lazat.menyelerakan.cantek.tak sampai ati nak makan. tu yg key n famly die cakap..tq byk2 ayumi..awak mmg penyelamat.. Ena(Sorry Key)

ni azlina. i order cuppies 2 weeks ago for my mother 57 bday.. alhamdullillah my family suka cuppies u..tak berapa manis katanya, so oklah. my hubby yg tak suka sangat kek pun boleh habis 2 cuppies.. insyallah, boleh sy order lagi.. - Azlina (Azlina's Mom Birthday)

hello amoi..
thanks for the cupcake south park..comel giler , my gefren suke and the chocolate is very rich and tasty ...thanks a lot - Omar (Ainee's Birthday)

amoi : thanx a lot.. it's me kak d, ain's aunty... da one yg u deliver kat stesen tuh.. i really like da cupcake.. thanx to ain yg order cupcake tuh.. n thanx to u yg buat, decorate n hantar by hand lagik.. those cup cake really make my day.. so cute.. sampai syg nak makan... huhuhu - filanastasia

Hi Ayumi! Balik je dr collect cake from you... my dotter, aryssa tak saba2 nak makan (dia mmg suka sgt choc cakes + with the elmo's face on it... excited sgt dia. thanks... the cupcakes is fantastic! Here are some of pic taken just now (just to share with you haw happy aryssa was just now)-Rozie (Thanks Rozie)

Hi ayumi! Just a little thanks with a big heart sbb sudi buatkan cupcakes & choc moist for my hubby's bday. dia suka sgt! - Rozie (Birthday Rozie's Hubby)

tq amoi coz buat kek yang cantik untuk bday atin ...sedap sangat kek tu :D - Kak Faizi (Birthday Fatini Raihana)

hai...ayumi...thanks again delivery for me...cute sngt2 cupcake tu...
n ms majlis ramai yg puji your be next time i order lg...
thanks again...hepy new year!!! - Myra

Ayumi, the cupcakes is superb and very nice. You know what, all the kids and even my auntie and uncle like your cupcakes. Thank you so much.TQ & Best Regards; Adda

Ayumi;Today I log on to your blog and read your commend on my cupcake order……………hehehehe to tell you the truth the design that I give is not like what you deliver it to me………….you change the design to superb one……….Actually, you can claim that this is one of your design…………hahahahaha - Adda (Thanks Adda)

I can say that you are a superb artist....hehe
im 110% satisfied with your work :)
I had your cuppy cake 5 days after your delivery and it still taste good...i wonder how it taste on the 1st day...

Ive post a blog about your cupcakes as well

:) - melinda (Thanks Melinda)


Anonymous said...

to amoi... thanks for da cokelat kek... mmg sedap abis.. harga yg amat berpatutan... amat sesuai kepada cokelat lover mcam aku nie... muahahahah!! don wori aku akan order lg pasnie...

aien said...

Hy dear. Much thanks for de luvely cupcakes for nura n adif. anak sedara ngan akak ipar sampai bwk g school k. promote. huhu...sumer tanyer maner nak beli... :)