De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Saturday, June 28, 2008

News News News

A'kum guys...
Wanna let u guys know that the promotion for 25pcs=RM50 will ended in june..
So starting 1 July the price for 16pcs = RM38 and 25pcs = RM55..
I will upload the pictures ASAP..
sorry bit busy few days..
Take care guys..
Happy Munching!!


Monday, June 23, 2008

Potong jambul time.. Amsyar

This cuppies was order by Faisal for her sis's son.. A long way to Singapore.. tut tut..
Congratulations pd Dee& hubby.. ur lil boy soo cute.. this cuppies utk potong jambul his son..

p/s: jgn merayap bebanyak Dee.. hehe.. ^^"
thanks again!! (n_n)v

Happy Munching!

Birthday Arif Zikri

Happy birthday Arif Zikri.. i got lat minute order.. lucky at that time i want do another batch for other order so i take Nurul's order for Arif..
sorry Nurul late to reply u punye msg.. xde 'toyol kuning' (digi) dalam kedai tu.. :p
May Allah bless Arif..hope wut u dream will come true..

Happy Munching!!

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Happy Engagement Najeeb&Lin

Another happy couple get engaged.. hopefully they like it.. and THANKS a lot too Zaza for ordered from me.. again n again.. muacss.. :)
should the theme gold&chocolate.. but i already inform that i cant make gold, so the similar color is yellow..
again.. happy engagement..
semoga pertunangan sampai ke jinjang pelamin n seterusnya hingga ke ahir hayat.. :)

Happy Munching guys!!

Monday, June 16, 2008

Latest News

A'kum guys..
FYI, last week kancil accident.. so rite now kancil kat workshop.. dunno bile siap..
so if u guys want me to deliver, i have to check with my mom schedule.. so please please email awal to avoid disappointment..
Sorry coz lama x update..
Guys.. at the moment souffle cup da out of stock so i will use muffin cup.. same size cuma kertas die lembut je..
I take new designs for my cuppies.. but my bad talent in taken photo.. so the pics is blur..
nnt ada design baru, i will upload and let u guys know.. sorry..
Price for cuppies will be the same even some of ingredients naik harga..
so the price for cuppies 16pcs = RM38 and 25pcs = RM50
Happy Munching guys!!Take care.. muacss

amoi (n_n)v

Happy Father's Day

Thanks Yati (Sri Alam) for ordered from me.. ur Hasif so cute..
Happy Father's day to my ayah n all dads in this world..
love my dad a lot!! :)
thanks again to my mom sebab help me to deliver..
Happy Munching guys!! (n_n)v
P/s: kalo u guys perasan.. katun laki kat bawah tu.. gamba ayah Shin chan.. hehhee.. :p

strawberry said...
amoi.. thanks heaps.. the cuppies are gorgeous.. excited sgt time nak mkn ehehehe.. hubby was thrilled.. n he loves the taste.. not too sweet, unlike any other cuppies.. just nice for our liking.. i love the choc ganache.. so generous.. i will definitely order from u again..

Congrats Roma&Aishah

Cuppies ni for my sedara yg anak die kawen.. sesat nk g umah my sedara ni.. thanks a millions for them.. sebab tolong my family masa wedding my sis n my bro.. thanks so much!!
Congrats again.. wish the marriage last forever.. amin.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Dad's Day Uncles

Thanks Yaya for ordered again from me!!
n thanks to my mom coz sent the cuppies to Yaya's aunty..
Happy Father's Day Uncles.. :)

p/s: thanks for my customer from Melbourne.. sesat masa sent ur cuppies.. hehe.. selamat sampai.. no wonder la call x pick up.. salah number lak.. :P

Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Surprise for Adik² Ain

This cuppies was order by Ain.. Ain requested barbie's pic.. even i told her i cant do it d barbie's face.. she's dont mind..
janji rambut kuning n ada pink..
she said like dat.. hehhe..

My 1st deco barbie.. still kindergarten.. so deco pn simple.. will try again..
Thanks a million to Ain coz beli this Barbie..
owh by d way.. patung tu bukan Barbie tau guys..
if u guys nak real Barbie, the price will be different k..
Happy Munching!!

Happy Engangement..Thanks Ika & Yan

Thanks Yan for ur order.. sorry keep ur hubby tunggu.. kene drive slow2 sebab keta lom anta repair on that time..

Thanks Ika for ur order again..
I just wanna wish both couples happy engagement.. semoga pertunangan hingga ke jinjang pelamin.. amin.. :) sorry lambat wish... ^^'

Thanks Lisa & Azza

Thanks Lisa for ordered from me.. even last minute order.. hope ur frens like it.. Happy belated birthday Zon&Dot.. May Allah bless both of u.. :)
sorry for d bad pic.. i'm really bad photographer ^^"..
hope i will do better next time..

Azza ordered for her boy.. a long way from KL just for her sweetheart.. soooo sweet.. hope ur boy like it.. n hope u like it too!!
Happy Munching!!

Thanks Yati & Izza

Izza order characters from Sesame Street.. sesat lagi masa deliver this cuppies.. huhu.. camne lah nk masuk Explorace.. :p

Thanks Yati for ur orders.. sorry 4got to take photo ur other cuppies.. n happy belated birthday harith irfan n for ur lil sis, Ainul..
Happy Munching!

Thanks Siti & Mysterious Customer..

Thanks Siti for ur order.. hope ur hubby loved the cuppies.. n thanks for ordered from me again!! :) n another mysterious customer.. sorry i cant remember who order from me.. but thanks for u guys order!!!
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v