De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Friday, August 28, 2009

Order For Hari Raya 2009

Chewy Bite Almond Brownies – Plain

Size : 12 x 12 (inch)

Price : RM37.00

Chewy Bite Almond Brownies – Chocolate Ganache with Colorful dots

Size : 12 x 12 (inch)

Price : RM44

1) 1) Polka-dot Choc Fudge with White Honey Comb

1)P 2)Polka-dot Choc Fudge with Choc Rice

1) 3) Ketupat Choc Moist with Choc Rice

*For 1,2&3

Weight : 1.2kg ++

Price : RM45.00 (1pc)

RM88.00 (2pcs) (n.p RM50 pc)

4) Mosque Choc Moist with White Choc Mosque

Weight : 1.2kg ++

Price : RM50 (1pc)

RM95 (2pcs) (n.p RM55)

Kek Kukus Choc Moist with Choc Ganache and Choc Rice

Weight : 1kg++

Price : RM35.00 (1pc)

RM66.00 (2pcs) (n.p RM40)


Flavor : Chocolate Moist Cake

Topping : Chocolate Ganache

Quantity: 25pcs

Price : RM50 (n.p RM55)

Yummylicious Banji Roll (Kek Gulung Banji)

Weight : 800gm+- (Panjang 12inci)

Price : RM33.00 (1pc)

RM60.00 (2pcs)

Soft Marble Cake with Choc Rice

Size : 7 x 10(inch)

Price : RM28.00 (1pc)

RM54.00 (2pcs) (n.p RM32.00)

Traditional Special Tart (50pcs)

*Imported Butter & Manual Kelim

Price : RM33 (1bottle)

RM62 (2bottles)

Kacang Istimewa with Fried Garlic

Weight : 800gm +-

Price : RM 25.00

Once I confirm u guys order, u guys need to pay deposit.. and d balance when u guys pick up d order..

Date Order : until 09/09/2009
Pick up : 13 - 15th September 2009

Any questions please:
Call : 016-7515204
Email :

Make sure u guys order n taste our nyummy products for this coming Hari Raya

*Click picture for larger image.. :)

Happy Fasting & Happy Munching!!
Yumi/@moi ^^