De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Bye bye 2008..

31122008 (0122)

hi guys.. i guess dis is my last posting in 2008..
kinda fast i guess.. will get older next year ^^"
so wut u guys doing for 2008.. ?? all u guys azam.. wishes tercapai?
As for me ada yg tercapai n tidak.. so i will try harder for 2009
dE Sweet Bite just 10mnths older.. thanks for ur guys support.. ur guys recommend to ur fren.. thanks a lot.. ^^v

I'll try my best to improve my deco skill.. so wish me luck k..
and semoga kite semua diberkati Allah..
Keep our earth clean.. dont b selfish.. just remember.. wut goes around comes around..

D price for cupcakes still same.. even few of ingredients already pricey ^^"
16pcs = RM38
25pcs = RM55

Once u guys email me, please sms me ur name n email k.. and dont 4get to put d date for delivery/pick up d cupcakes at subject (email)

I will closed from 8th Jan till 14th Jan..

Wish u guys have a great 2009..
Selamat menyambut Maal Hijrah and Happy New Year..

Happy Munching!!
@moi / Yumi

Thanks Kak Lynn

Thanks Kak Lynn for ur order.. even.. err.. hehe.. u know wut I mean.. ^^"
Congrats to ur friends for their wedding..
Happy Munching!!

Maiza's Wedding

Congrats Mazia on ur wedding!!
So sorry cant deliver by myself..
Thanks my younger for d delivery.. muacss.. ^^v

Da dpt d cupcakes..really it so much!! thanks k.. - Maiza

Thanks Myra

Thanks Myra for ordered from me..
Congrats for ur friend (Siti&Afam) for their engagement..
Happy Munching!!

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Thanks Nadia & Fara

Thanks fara for ur customer's order
Muacss... ^^

Thanks Nadia for ur bf's birthday order..
Sesat g deliver ur cupcakes..
thanks to my luvly adik for company me.. and drive.. yippie (n_n)v
ada ke dedua xtau Poli Jb? ^^"
tanya org.. die ble tanya Poli kat PG ke Sri Alam.. err ada 2 poli ke? hehe.. rupanya mamat tu xtau mana poli.. tp still.. die rekomen sro tanya satu abg tu.. lucky after dat we found Nadia's bf house.. ^^

Cantik.. i ske.. thanx a lot amoi! esp the mu thing.. i'm so impress ;)

glad u like it Nadia ^^v

Thanks Linda,Intan and Nana

Thanks Yaya for recommend me to Intan.. ^^
and thanks Intan for order from me..

kiuut sangat.. d designs really meaningful to us :) tq tau.. i really like it.. maceh banyak2 awak.. ;)

Nana.. thanks for d order..
so sorry for d misunderstanding ^^"

Hie! Thanks for the CUPCAKES =) Mine Bf love it alot & he's so happy to see the MANU logo.. Heex!
The cupcakes taste delicious & its full of choc. Btw thanx again! Love it man...

Thanks Linda for order again from me.. ^^v

Thanks Jean

Thanks Jean for ur order.. ^^
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Birthday girls

Thanks to my lovely mom for d orders.. ^^
Happy birthday Antasha and Hasliza..
May Allah bless u.. amin

Thanks Fazi & Nani

Thanks Fazi and Nani for ur guys order..
and thanks to Nani for pick up d cupcakes ^^
Happy Munching!!

Adda Engagement & Azza's Wedding

Congrats Azza for ur wedding..
Glad u like ur cuppies.. already tried my best to make ur cup8 'encem' :p

Doorgift at Adda's house..

Cupcakes for Adda's hantaran..
D designs requested by Adda.. so wanna say thanks pd empunya cupcakes maker yg wut design ni.. sorry kite xtau sapa yg buat.. but neway.. thanks ^^
Congrats Adda on ur engagement!!

Ayumi, the cupcakes is superb and very nice. You know what, all the kids and even my auntie and uncle like your cupcakes. Thank you so much.

TQ & Best Regards; Adda

Birthday CSW & Sarah

Happy belated birthday Chong Siew Wei (CSW)..
Thanks Richard for order from me..

Hi Ayumi..I'm Richard.Ur cake is nice and so delicious. Thanks for ur great service..
thanks a hard to find this kind of service in jb.i'll definitely recommend to all my friends. Keep it up!

Thanks Idayu for order from me again!!
Happy belated birthday Sarah..
p/s: cant wait to celebrate my Angels bday next year.. hehhe.. long way to go.. :p

Thanks Siti & Aridz

Thanks Aridz for ur order.. Finally i meet u.. ^^v
Wish Adzha and Amir dreams come true.. amin..

Thanks Siti for recommend to ur friend..
Happy Munching!!
p/s: sesat jugak g Dyson tu.. ^^"

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Latest News

18122008 (0430)

Hi guys..
How's ur guys day? 2day my birthday.. yg ke 26.. tua da.. uhuk uhuk.. ^^"
wish my dream will come true k.. :)
1st time I deco cake for myself.. ^^
Deco with Junki's pic on top.. yippie (n_n)v
Wanna say many² thanks to u guys yg keep give me support.. recommend me to ur fren.. thanks a lot.. Allah saja dapat balas jasa u guys..
So sorry coz lama gile no update in my blog.. ^^"

Last week my family buat kenduri for my Angels (Asyraff & Nidal)
Just wanna share their pics.. i'm so so so so excited and happy b an aunty 2 lovely dovey + cute angels.. (n_n)v
Doorgift for guest yg datang :)
Hantaran yg di gubah oleh my sis in law (Wawa)

Kite ada buat order for Christmas Day theme.. cuma dont hv time to make sample's pic..
I will try if I hv time..
Thanks again..
13days more to go b4 2008 will end..
Dont 4get to dream.. and wish.. and then fight for it..
Wish me luck k.. amin

Happy Munching!!

Arsenal's fan

Thanks Aridz for ur order... ^^
Hope u x sesat when u pick up ur cupc8..
Happy searching & Munching ^^v

Thanks Mak Mah & Fiq

Thanks Fiq for ur order..

Happy birthday Adibah ^^..
May Allah bless u..
Hope wut u wish will come true.. amin :)

Bear oh Bear

Hope wut u wish will come true.. amin
B happy + sweet Bear.. ^^

Cupcakes tier

Gmail me for d price.. :)

Happy Engagement ^^

Congrats to Zieha, Azizah,Zu and Zizan(k-heart) for ur guys engagement.. Yippie (n_n)v

Many² Thanks (n_n)v

Thanks to all u guys yg order from me..
May Allah bless u guys.. amin ^^