De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Back to Business

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Hi guys!
I'm back to business..

Last Sunday every dad in this world sambut father's day..
so i guess i'm not too late to wish HAPPY FATHER'S DAY especially to my Ayah.. my Abang.. my BIL (bro in law) and my friends yg da jadi dad.. wish u guys will b e great dad to ur childrens.. amin..

I love my dad super duper much.. how he treat me masa kite kecik.. suke ikut my dad g masjid..remember how he pampered me.. teringat masakan my dad.. mudah2an i can take care of him with all my life.. thanks a lot Ayah n Emak for ur loved.. loved both of u sooooo much.. thanks for all ur supports.. muacss


Flavor : Chocolate Moist Cake (not sponge cake.. )
Topping : Chocolate Ganache (nyummy.. )
Price : RM45 (Normal price RM50)
Designs : Pokadot only (as above picture's design)
Date : until 9hb July 2009

Make sure u guys order n taste our nyummy chocolate moist cake... (n_n)v

Cupcakes price still same as before..
16pcs = RM38
25pcs = RM55

Once I confirm u guys order, u guys need to pay deposit.. (i'll give my account later.. )
After u guys email me, please SMS me..

take care guys..

Happy Munching!!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Temporarily Closed

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Thanks guys for u guys order.. my new and my old customers.. Thanks for recommend me to u guys friends.. Thanks a lot!!

I'm not taking any order from 11-19th June 2009.. Any question bout any dE Sweet Bite please Gmail ( Once u guys gmail me, please SMS me.. i'm afraid some of u guys email masuk SPAM..

This blog still need to modify.. so this blog got lack some info.. I will try to organize when i hv spare time.. (sumtimes 24hours is not enuff when u're busy ^^")

After this all delivery i'll send by myself(no helping from my adik anymore.. sob sob.. he'll practical at Shah Alam..)

If u guys want to order please please order early k..
Once i confirm u guys order, I'll give CIMB account so u guys can deposit..

Happy Munching guys!!
See u soon.. ^^


Congrats Linda&Irwan

Pix taken at my house.. ^^

Thanks Kak Ros for recommend me to ur neighbor.. apela.. baru 1 week lepas datang ble sesat lg.. ^^
Congrats Linda&Irwan on ur wedding!! ^^

kak amoi, thanks the lovely cake tapi sayang tak dapat makan pun...InsyaAllah, for the next event linda contact akak eh.. -linda

glad u like it ^^

Congats Ayen&Ida..Halil&Nadia

Thanks Nieta for order from me again for ur friend ^^
Siap order.. pick up.. deliver lg order.. baik btol ada kawan cam Nieta ni.. ^^
Thanks again..
cant wait to see ur BB.. ^^ uweekk.. (n_n)v

More pics of wedding cakes

Cakes+cupcakes order by Kak Ton..
Thanks again!!

Steam buttercream cake order by Ema for her wedding.. congrats!!

Mini doorgift for Kak Lilah's sin in law..

Steam buttercream cake order by Kak Lilah for her SIL hantaran.. glad u guys like it ^^

Thanks ^^

Thanks Efa for ordered from me.. ^^

Sdpnya!! Hehe.. thanks - Efa

Thanks Miss for ur order.. and thanks to ur hubby sebab pick up ur order.. ^^

Kak, thanks so much.cupcakes tu mmg sedap sgt. Tercapai hajat ngidam sy ni.nnt leh la order lg.Thanks again.. - miss

Congrats Alin& Jamal!!

Cupcakes for Alin's hantaran

Cupcakes+Cake for her wedding..
Coz i sent 1 day b4 the wedding so no picture's cake tier on Alin's wedding...

Doorgift yg di order oleh hubby's Alin (Jamal)

Congrats both of u on u guys wedding!! May ur marriage last forever.. amin

Arigato.. ^^

Thanks Sara for ordered from me ^^
Congrats on ur wedding!! ^^

Congrats Aza!!

Aza on her wedding.. super duper cute!!
Congrats Aza on ur wedding!! My old friend when sekolah menengah and taekwando class ^^ ) trio member with Ain..
Wish u guys marriage last forever.. amin..

Aza and her's hubby.. smile ^^

Cupcakes for her hantaran ^^

Congrats again!! May our friendship last forever.. amin.. muacss

Congrats Kak Ros' Adik ^^

Steam buttercream wedding cakes+cupcakes ordered by Kak Ros for her younger sis..
Thanks Kak Ros.. ^^v

Chocolate Moist..nyum nyum..

Chocolate cake Pon&Zi.. ^^

Ordered by Fara.. xie xie ni ^^

Ordered by Cikgu Nass.. selamat jumpe rumah.. ^^

Congrats Ain!!!

Congrats Ain (my ooooooold friend masa tadika..sekolah rendah..sekolah agama.. sekolah menengah.. ^^) on ur engagement..
Wish u the best Ain.. and wish Allah bless u guys relationship.. amin..

Mini doorgift dalam gold container.. (separuh naked.. hehhe.. :p )

Mini doorgift in fully cloth.. huhu.. ^^

Ain order cupcakes for her hantaran

Cupcakes atas hantaran yg di gubah oleh her sis in law.. ^^

Congrats again Ain!! May our friendship remain forever.. amin :) muacss