De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Price Price Price


Salam guys,

Wanna make announcement dat our price is lower.. and d price is still d same even like 2 years ago..

Our cupcakes size is 3.25oz..(3 1/4oz)

and if some of u kata mahal, better u guys check other blog n diorg nye price quite same and size diorg 2.5oz..

coming soon..

our NEW products.. CHEESE CAKE..

So far feedback from my friends, d taste is yummy.. and diorg makan x ble nk stop.. hehhe... same goes to me... mmg nk makan je kalo da buat.. ^^

will update d pic soon..
c ya guys..

p/s: comment from my customer.. :

hye yumi..
i wanna say thanks a lot..
it very nice cupcakes..
i'm hepy with it..
my bf also luve it! :)
u buat i rse cam i ade dgn dy,,
even act kteorg away jb-perlis...
xsia2 sume yg i plan mmg menjadi.
my bf apiz,smpai syg nak makan yg liverpool design tu..
dy ckp if i buat sume liverpool mmg xmakan la kek tu..
it very sweet n cute..
btw dy n kwn2 dy ckp mmg cdap!
i tgk pix aje pn rse xtahan.hehe
takpe next tyme i order lg,i pulak nak rase!
thanks a lot,n ur service i give grade A. :)

happy munching!!!
take care..