De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Mother's Day

Hi guys..!!
Mother's Day is around d corner (11th May).. @dE Sweet Bite have something for ur guys mom+wife for this special day..
8" walnut carrot cake topping with cream cheese + design with buttercream + coated with almond nibs.. you guys will love it :)
Price : RM 45.00
If u guys want me deliver for ur special, book early k..

Birthday... ^^

This cake ordered by my neighbour, Kak Dewi for her hubby..
8" Sponge cake coated with whipping cream.. if u guys dont like buttercream this the other frosting u can choose :)
Price : RM35

This cake ordered by Anne Avon for her dotter..
9" Sponge cake coated with whipping cream + decoration with piping jelly
Price : RM38

Thursday, April 17, 2008


Below 250pcs = RM 1.30
Below 500pcs = RM 1.20
Below 750pcs = RM 1.10
Above 751pcs = RM 1.00
Size : 5cm(D) x 3.5cm(H)

Below 250pcs = RM 1.40
Below 500pcs = RM 1.30
Below 750pcs = RM 1.20
Above 751pcs = RM 1.10
3pcs of small muffin size
Size : 4.2cm(D) x 2.2cm(H)

Below 250pcs = RM 1.40
Below 500pcs = RM 1.30
Below 750pcs = RM 1.20
Above 751pcs = RM 1.10
Size : 5cm(D) x 3.5cm(H)

Below 250pcs = RM 1.50
Below 500pcs = RM 1.40
Below 750pcs = RM 1.30
Above 751pcs = RM 1.20
Size : 5.2cm(D) x 2.5cm(H)

Flavors : Chocolate Moist / Buttercake (Vanilla/Pandan/Strawberry) / Marble
Minimum Order : 50pcs
The price include packaging.
Email me your order at least 3weeks to avoid disappointed

Little Aisha

This cupcakes was ordered by little Aishah.. n the design requested by her..
If u guys have design, just let me know k..
Happy Munching! :)

- thanks kak!d cuppies were very nice n taste lovely.=)
will order more frm time to time.hee (aisha)

- i loveee the elmo and cookie monster! it was so awesomely friends and i kept staring at it all through our classes. some of my guy friends loveeee the bikini design.&& the rainbow and butterfly design,, is just so cute!!

thanks btw. fantabulous job! i'll definitely ask my sis (aishah) to order more more more ;p;p (sarah)

Good bye Stanley

My mom's friend transfered to other department n this cupcakes for her farewell party..

Cupcakes in dome packaging.. RM0.20 per piece..

Sweet Ranjini

For sweet Ranjini from Yaya.. and with Vicki's help to pick up this cupcakes at Skudai..
Great to hear that Ranjini loved this cupcakes so much.. :)

p/s: sorry guys take long time to upload..
some bad guy stole again cabel telephone and 1 week I cant online..

Thursday, April 3, 2008


Hi guys..
Below few pics of cupcakes for engagement..
If u guys have any design i will try to deco for u..
For fondant/sugarpaste, i will charge different price k..
Take care guys!! Happy Munching (n_n)v