De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Engagement Linda

Thanks Linda for order from me..
She want cake with steam buttercream method..

Got sms from her

Very2 tq 4 de cake..Deco is very great..I puas hati sgt. Thanx again..

Glad to hear that Linda..
Hope ur relationship last forever.. amin..

Happy Munching!!

Birthday Batrisyia

Thanks Kak Linda for order from me..

Cupcakes made especially for Nurul Batrisyia for her 9th bday...
Get to know this cupcake lady thru internet when I search for Cupcakes maker in JB.
At last ada gak banyak kat JB...kalau nak order from KL tu jauh sangat & I'm sure the logistics
arrangement will be complicated.
To Ms Ayumi.....your cupcakes are superlicious.....:-)

Thanks again kak Linda for ur comment ^^..
Belated birthday Batrisyia.. Hope wut u wish will come true :)

Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Thanks Fara

Thanks Fara (my cousin) for ur order ^^
n thanks Arshad aka Acad for pick up d cupc8
Lucky her customer's design so simple.. only 1 design.. even last minute I still manage to do it.. kene pujuk ngan Fara actually.. :p
luv u too Fara.. ^^
Happy Munching!!

Thanks Lia

Thanks Lia for order from me..
and thanks for d extra ^^"

got sms from her :)

hi ayumi, cupcakes tu marvellous la, my niece pn suke gile n we all syg nk mkn semua tau.
thnx a lot ye, nnt lia recommend ngan member2

Thanks a lot lia..
Happy Munching!!

Lucky Charm

For my friend (Azly) who will take exam next week.. ^^
Good luck in ur exam.. make sure u got a lot of stars :p
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Maziah's Hubby

Thanks a lot Maziah for order from me.. :)

got email from her ^^

hai ayumi......

thanks 4 d cup8...
he really hepy with MU..
cedap kek tu....
neway x rugi order kt ayumi....
neway thanks again....

Thanks again.. (n_n)v
p/s: u're cute u know.. honestly i'm quite worried bile u bawak cupc8 pakai moto ^^...
and thanks again coz amik dr luar..
Happy Munching!!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Got new designs tp x sempat nk upload..

Will update soon..
If u guys have designs and want me to deco for u.. let me know
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v


Birthday Mira's Mom

Happy Birthday Mira's Mom.. May Allah bless u and hope wut u wish will come true..
Thanks Kak Mira for order from me.. :)

comment from Kak Mira

rich of choc, everyone loves their piece.. thanks Amoi.. yummilicious! :o)

thanks for d comment (n_n)v

Happy Munching!!

This cake I make for my friend Iss (my chat friend..long long time ago) and his luvly wife, Yana..

Pandangan dr tepi cupcake tier.. :)

Pandangan atas with choc moist cake.. nyum nyum ^^

Potong kek time..

Nganga mulut.. nyummy.. :p

Hope u guys marriage last forever.. amin..
Glad to meet our old chatter friends.. btol la like u and Wan said, cam wut gath kat ur wedding ^^
Semoga u guys dpt baby next year.. uhuk uhuk.. hehhee.. :p

P/s: u guys yg nak tau harga cupcake tier, please Gmail me k.. :)

Happy Munching!!

Thanks Rin

Thanks Rin for order from me..
quite sesat jgk nk cari jalan ^^"
lucky a long way to Rin's house signboard always ada nama taman tpt Rin stay..
so x lost sgt :p
thanks again.. :)
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Birthday My Younger (n_n)v

12th Nov my younger punye birthday..
Dunno wut design to deco so kite deco character from anime The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya.. coz my bro like to watch anime ^^
Happy Birthday my luvly bro.. Hope wut u wish come true.. and hope u can b a good son a good bro to ur sis :p and b a good person..
muacss.. luv ya.. (n_n)v
Happy Munching!!

Engagement Eyqa&Faisal

Happy Engagement Eyqa & Faisal..
Thanks Eyqa for order from me again... ^^
Semoga pertunangan hingga ke jinjang pelamin.. amin..
Happy Munching!! :)

Thanks Zalifah

Thanks Zalifah for order from me again..
n thanks for the extra tip ^^

p/s: lucky ujan da stop.. da datang ur house pn ble terlajak lg.. ^^"

Happy Munching!!

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Birthday Ashley

Happy birthday Ashley!! May ur wish come true.. :)
Thanks Tham aka Mrs Tan for order from me..
and thanks to Mr Lazar&his friend&Kak Ros for pick up d cupcakes..
D cupcakes will take a long journey to Bukit Raja.. vroom.. :p
and thanks to my lovely sis for promote.. muacss

Got email from Tham..
Thanks for the pic.. ^^ ur daughter so cute :)

Happy Munching!!

Birthday Zalifah's Hubby

Happy Birthday Zalifah's hubby..
May Allah bless u.. and hope wut u wish will come true.. :)
Thanks Zalifah for ordered from me..n glad u guys like it (n_n)v
Happy Munching!!

Monday, November 10, 2008

My Creations

Got new designs tp x sempat nk upload..
Will update soon..
If u guys have designs and want me to deco for u.. let me know
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v


Birthday Dania

Happy Birthday Dania..
May Allah bless u.. and hope wut u wish will come true :)

Ayumi,thnx.. I dah dapat kek tu.. Very nice. My daughter like it very much. Nnt ble order lg.. - Fauziah

Happy Munching!!

Birthday Fatini Raihana

Happy Birthday Fatini Raihana..
May Allah bless u..
Thanks Kak Faizi for order from me.. and of coz to my lovely bro to promote my site to u.. :)
Happy Munching!!

tq amoi coz buat kek yang cantik untuk bday atin ...sedap sangat kek tu :D - Kak Faizi

Birthday En Norman

Happy Birthday En Norman.. May Allah bless u.. :)
Thanks Salrina (Sime Darby) for order from me..
Happy Munching!!

Thanks Emy (Rozie's Sis)

Thanks Rozie for recommend me to ur sis.. and thanks Emy for ur order... ^^
I'm not too good in taking photo..
so hope I can improve 1 day.. i wish :)
Happy Munching!!

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Angels (n_n)v

Hi guys...
I'm back from my holiday.. not really holiday i guess ^^"..
just see my nephews.. I just got new status.. b aunty to Asyraff(my bro) (11/10) and Nidal(my sis)(16/10)..
Alhamdulilah both my sis n SIL and my nephews selamat..
Sorry sebab ada order yg kita cancel masa kite cuti.. cant help it.. sorry again..
So rite now i'm back to business..

Price still d same for the cupcakes..
16pcs = RM38
25pcs = RM55

After u guys email me, i hope u guys can sms me..
takut u guys punye email masuk spam..
n dont 4get to put date kat subject email..

Another info, after this all the order u guys pick up from my home..
Map will b given after u guys punye order confirm..
I still make surprise delivery.. Just let me know early so I can manage my time.. :)

I will update my blog ASAP.. need to change few things ^^
Take care guys..

Happy Munching!!

Wedding doorgift Kien Han & Ai AI

Congratulations Kien Han & Ai Ai for ur wedding.. (n_n)v
Wish ur marriage last forever..
i'm quite rush that day.. 4got to take picture u guys photo's wedding.. ^^"
U guys so cute.. :)
Thanks Kien Han for order from me..
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Darwisy Haiqal

Happy Belated Birthday Darwisy..
Thanks Selena for order from me..tut tut.. ^^
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Rozie's Hubby

Happy belated birthday Rozie's hubby..
hope wut u wish will come true..
thanks Rozie for order from me again ^^..
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Fiza's Hubby

Happy Birthday Fiza's hubby..
May Allah bless u.. and hope wut u dream will come true.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Thanks Fara.. ^^

Thanks Fara's customer for keep ordered from her..
and thanks for ur support my cousin.. muacss.. :)
Happy Munching!