De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Work after hibernation :P

18032009 (0207)

Salam guys..
How're u guys? so sorry lama gile x update.. ^^"
Wanna say many2 thanks to all of u yg always order from me.. thanks soo much..

dE Sweet Bite (JM0533719-U) finally registered on 06 Feb 2009 (1630) .. yippie (n_n)v

If u guys notice kite xletak chat box lg, so any question please Gmail me..
and i'll try to change.. put more info.. at my site bit by bit k..

Actually kite shortkan my staying at Subang (my sis's house) after my family's vacation.. Few of my friends order for last weekend and i'm satisfied to make my friend's smile.. :)

Me and my mom.. err kat Cameron.. background yg lawa semuanya at my bro's camera.. ^^" Really happy with this vacation.. All of us really need.. :) And new word masa cuti.. hibernasi.. huhu.. Me n my adik byk hibernasi.. :p
Keep hugging my angels..loved them so much ^^v
and loved my family for always support me.. and my friends too... millions thanks (n_n)v

Ok guys.. dont 4get to give 100% when u at work.. This picture just for fun k.. :P
Wish u guys happy with u guys work..

Any question bout dE Sweet Bite please Gmail me..

Happy Munching!!

Lots of luv,

Congrats Bort & Adibah

Congrats Khairil aka Bort & Adibah!!
Long time no see u Bort.. u still same like b4.. ur wife so cute.. Adibah, dont 4get to bully Bort :p n i'll wait for ur 'football's team' (n_n)v
Masa deliver ni raining on dat day.. Lucky cake & cupcakes ok.. huhu
Thanks to my adik for ur favor.. Glad to hv u by my side.. muacss ^^
Glad to hear both of u and ur family like it so much.. :)
May ur marriage last forever.. amin..

P/S : Any questions bout tier please Gmail me.. :)

Happy Munching!!

Thanks Rosz

Thanks Rosz for order from me again..
So sorry cupcakes's tier my other customer already rent it d same day on ur wedding..
Wish ur marriage last forever... amin
I wonder how ur tier look like.. ^^
Glad to know u're happy with ur orders.. :)

Thanks Zizan

Thanks Zizan for ur order..
U're such a good friend.. I bet Fauzi glad to hv u as his friend.. me too (n_n)v
Wish ur business success.. amin..
Glad to know dat ur friend really satisfied.. :)

Thanks Kak Aton

Thanks Kak Aton (Zizan's friend) for ur order..
Glad to know dat ur cousin like it :)
Waiting for ur next order.. ^^v

Thanks Kak Lynn

Thanks Kak Lynn for ur customer's order..
Glad to hear dat u like it.. ^^v
Ni amik pic kt rumah.. as u guys know yg kite ni x pandai sangat bout angle camne nk amik pic.. so here d pic's taken by unphotoghenic photographer.. huhu :p

Thanks Mom

Thanks to my mom for ur friend's order.. muacss :)

Thanks Fara

Thanks Fara for ur order..
Muacss ^^

Thanks Kak Sharmilla

Thanks Kak Sharmilla for order from me again..
Happy Munching (n_n)v

Thanks Ayu & Hasnan

Thanks Ayu for ur order..
Glad u like it..
Happy birthday Aizat (n_n)v

Thanks Hasnan for d order..
At last u met me ^^

Thanks Kak Fadh & Jean

Thanks Kak Fadh & Jean for ur order... (n_n)v

Thanks Emma

Thanks Emma for ur order..
and thanks for trusting me to make cakes & cupcakes for ur big day.. thanks a lot..
Wish ur marriage last forever..amin.. :)

Thanks Zarina

Thanks Zarina for ur order..
and thanks to Rozie for recommend me to ur friend.. ^^
Happy birthday Alia & Qistina.. May Allah bless u.. amin..

Thanks Kak Yong

Thanks Kak Yong for order from me..
Cicik (Kak Yong's bro) requested Hagemaru..
at 1st i tot Mashimaro.. ^^"
Happy birthday Cicik.. May Allah bless u.. wish u got flying colors in ur UPSR next year ^^

Thanks Kak Zuraidah

Thanks Kak Zuraidah for order from me again.. :)
So sorry i cant take ur order after that.. my schedule quite tight ^^"
Thanks again ^^v

Thanks Acad

Thanks Arshad aka Acad for ur order..
U're such a good boss (n_n)v

Thanks Hafizah

Thanks Hafizah for d order..
Happy birthday to Faizal.. May Allah bless u.. amin.. :)

Thanks Wanie &Zaliza

Thanks Wanie & Zaliza for ur order..
Happy birthday Danial.. May Allah bless u n will b a good son to ur parents.. amin.. :)

Thanks Fariza

Thanks Fariza for d order..
She requested d same designs from my previous customer..
Happy engagement Udin&Mus!!
Semoga ke jinjang pelamin dan hingga ke akhir hayat.. amin :)

ariza putri brahim said...
actually dis cc,i gv 4 my BIL...his tq yumi...walau pun order last minute..hehehe...n dorank ckp d taste..sedap oooo...hikhikhik

Thanks Aida

Thanks Aida for d order..
Happy Munching (n_n)v