De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Monday, July 28, 2008

Thanks Mrs Tay

Thanks Mrs Tay for ordered from me..
so sorry my hp is prob and rite now my hp back to normal.. yippie ^^
Hope ur customer like it..
Happy Munching!!

Happy Birthday Alyn & Shira

Happy birthday Alyn & SHira...
hope wut u wish will come true..
Thanks for ordered from me.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Happy Birthday Azalina's Mom

Thanks Azlina for ordered from me..
So sorry 4 not reply ur email..
i tot i already reply..
Hope wut ur mom's wish will come true
Happy Munching

got email from Azlina..
salam ayumi...

ni azlina. i order cuppies 2 weeks ago for my mother 57 bday.. alhamdullillah my family suka cuppies u..tak berapa manis katanya, so oklah. my hubby yg tak suka sangat kek pun boleh habis 2 cuppies.. insyallah, boleh sy order lagi..


p/s: guys, if u place an order through email and i'm not reply please msg me k..

Happy Birthday Ayu's Bf

Thanks Ayu (Yarn-tea's sis) for ordered from me..
sorry eh ituari nk cepat..
hope u and ur bf like it.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Saturday, July 26, 2008

My 2nd wedding cake

Yippie.. my 2nd wedding cake.. I tried steam buttercream method..
I learned this method last week from Kak Ayuliana.. xie xie ni Kak Ayu.. glad u teach at JB.. :)

Flavor :
chocolate moist/buttercake
Topping with buttercream
The weight is 3.8kg++
Promotion Price RM188

Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Thanks Nik aka Bob

Thanks for my lost & found friend (Nik) for ordered from me for ur anak buah :)
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v
p/s: kak yong, u still slim like b4 even u have 2 sons.. :)
i'm not slim u know.. chubby wut.. ^^"
so sorry nk cepat td..

Engagement CT& Pi'e

Thanks to Lynn Hassan for the designs... This designs was request by Yanti's sis in law..
sooo sorry lupe nama ^^"
by d way.. wanna give compliment to my adik for helping me deco this cuppies.. yippie..
and many2 thanks to him for helping me n help me to deliver this cuppies..
Thanks again for ordered from me.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Lysa

Happy belated birthday Lysa
Hope wut u dream will come true :)
Thanks Kak Herda for ordered from me..
so sorry for late to deliver d cuppies
bingit je semalam ble jammed hway PG and jalan lama Masai.. 3hours dalam keta..
selamat adik me yg drive..not me.. hehee.. :P
Happy Munching!!

Omedeto Fairuz&Nisak

Omedeto Fairuz&Nisak..
hope u guys marriage last forever.. amin.. :)
Thanks for ordered from me..
Happy Munching!!!

Farewell & Birthday

Thanks Kak Aiza for ordered from me..
Sorry lambat sikit.. sesat.. :P
Bon voyage Fadilah..

This cuppies also ordered by Kak Aiza..
Happy belated birthday Ashar&Mus..
Hope ut u guys wish will come true.. :)
Happy Munching!!!

Thanks Irma & Nieta

Thanks Nieta for ordered from me..

Thanks Irma for ordered from me..
Happy belated birthday Jemir & Anuar..
Hope wut u wish will come true.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Happy Birthday Sarah

Happy Belated Birthday Sarah..
Hope u like ur Mo-Mo.. :D
Thanks Kak Lynn.. selamat u remind me ur Mo-Mo.. almost 4got.. aiyak.. ^^"
Happy Munching!!


Before out strawberries

If u guys want to add strawberry, u guys need to pay extra k..

Thanks Azza for order from me..
So sorry for late to upload..
and thanks a lot for order from me again..
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

My mom's friend

Thanks for my mom's friend for ordered from me..
Happy Munching!! (n_n)v

Thursday, July 17, 2008

2 tier wedding cakes..




Yippie.. 1st time I try make 2tier wedding cake..
Flavor : chocolate moist/buttercake
Topping with buttercream
The weight is 3.8kg++
Promotion price RM188

Happy Munching!!
@moi (n_n)v

For My Lovely Sis

This choc moist cake and cupcakes for my lovely sis... nun di Subang.. ^^
My sis ngidam my choc cake n my sis's friend deliver to her.. yippie.. thanks Din :)
Thanks kak for ur help.. muacss... big hug
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Adam

Happy Birthday Adam Harish Hillan.. (nice name!! :D)
This cake was order by Kak Wan Norazlina for her son..
May Allah bless u..
Thanks for take the cake from my home.. ^^
Happy Munching!!

Birthday Dhan

Happy belated birthday Dhan..
Thanks Hani for order from me.. :)
n thanks to my mom for helping me again.. muacss..
hope wut u wish will come true Dhan.. amin
Happy Munching!

Birthday Nadzri&Gwan

This cupcakes was order by Eika..
Happy belated birthday Nadzri n Gwan.. May Allah bless u.. Hope wut u guys dream will come true.. amin :)

Friday, July 11, 2008

Sorry Key

This cuppies was order by Ena for her fiancee.. She at Sabah rite now so this is one of the method to 'pujuk' her fiancee.. ^^"
yiipiie.. his fiancee not merajuk anymore..
Thanks Ena for order from me.. :)
Hope ur relationship till marriage and then till forever.. amin.. ^^

Guys, I will put new pics n new number for my picture's list.. and will put info bout cupcakes and cakes..Give me sometime k..
Thanks for d support.. muacsss
Happy Munching guys!!

Will u be mine? ^^

Thanks Nurul for order from me again.. for behalf ur fren and ur teacher.. :D
Sofiah, will u be my girl?? Yess.. i do!! hehhee.. (I'm answer for her.. ^^")

Nurul requested Sesame street's character and sponge bob..

And this cuppies was order by Kak Lin.. yippie.. :D
Happy Munching guys!

thanks kak,,,actually my friend x jadik nk 'lamar' my friend 2,,,ha3x,,x tau nape,,,at last die yg makan,,,cekgu kate akak kurus orgnya,,,same spiesis la kt,,,ha3x,,,ari tu x sempat nk g amik coz kene blk awl,,,tp ape2x pun thanks!!! - Nurul

Aiyak x jd propose eh? xpe lenkali propose balik.. hehe... ^^

Monday, July 7, 2008

Latest News

Hi guys..
sorry sangat² no update kat blog for 2weeks++.. busy with order and my life too..
have a bad moment but thanks to my family and ppls around me for give moral support.. i owed u guys.. :)
sampai buat salah order.. hehe.. so sorry kak lynn and thanks for give me time to correct my mistake.. :D

I'm not taking any order on 19-21 July.. i will take class and wanna have short break..
If u guys want place order any date except 19-21 July, please please order early k..
I dont want to reject u guys order so please order early so i can manage my schedule..

just wanna share u guys with this ayat.. (surah Baqarah ayat 216) terperasan masa tgk tv and ayat ni kene with my life.. just wanna share.. :)

"dan boleh jadi kamu benci sesuatu akan tetapi ia lebih baik bagi kamu dan boleh jadi kamu kasihi sesuatu akan tetapi ia melarat bagimu. Allah mengetahui tetapi kamu tidak mengetahui.”

thanks to all of u guys for order from me.. and thanks to peoples around me for give support when i had hard time.. muacss.. love u guys a lot!!!
will waiting my rainbow to appear after thunderstorm..

Happy Munching!!big hug

waa.. bisnes besh jek lately :):) ntah2 kita jumpa kat classes tu.. ahaks..
K.L pun doakan yang ur life would be filled with more colors.. which i truly believe such a dearie girl like u deserve :)- Kak Lynn

Birthday Nam

Yarn-tea order this cuppies for her bf.. yippie!!
Happy Birthday Nam.. May Allah bless u and hope wut u dream will come true..
And thanks yarn-tea for order again from me..
so sorry cant meet u.. have to asked my mom's help again ^^"
happy Munching guys..

Engagement Shaf&Jas

This cuppies was order by Azwin..
i thought i can meet Azwin 2day but i meet her hubby again..
Maybe in d future.. :D
selamat bertunang Shaf&Jas.. semoga until ke jinjang pelamin dan kekal hingga ke akhir hayat.. amin.. :)
happy Munching!!

ayumie...huarghh...lapo lak tgk cuppies yg ciut miut nih...terasa nak bertunang semula pon ada jugak...hahahaha.anyway..
.thanks again sbb design cuppies jadik kiut gini...SIL suka...sampai dia rasa sayang nak makan...hihihi...ada rezeki kita jupe bulan 8 ni okeh...insyaAllah akak lek JB- Kak Aween

Thanks Kak Lynn

Many² thanks Kak Lynn for order from me..
Have to re-do deco this cuppies after i realize my mistake.. aiyakk..
thanks again kak Lynn for give me more time..
selamat x sesat n x salah pegi taman perumahan.. ^^"
Happy Belated Ahnaf.. May Allah bless u.. A long way to go.. :)
Happy Munching!!

thanks to u too 4 satisfying your customer.. dats a good service indeed.. hahaha.. sesat tu yg takleh lupa.. sorang kata masjid.. sorang nengok surau.. hihihi.. rupanya utara - selatan yang berbeza.. - Kak Lynn

Birthday Mama&Abah

This cuppies was order by Yarn-tea.. so sorry cant deliver by myself.. thanks again mom for ur help..
hope yarn-tea's parents love this cuppies.. Happy belated birthday Yarn-tea's parents.. May Allah bless u guys.. amin.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Adlan's Bufday

Thanks Kak Liza for ordered from me.. Have to asked my mom's help to sent this cuppies.. Thanks a lot mum!! muacss..
Happy Belated Birthday Adlan.. May Allah bless u.. :)
Happy Munching!!

Thanks a lot ayumi... a few people have asked about the cupcakes. Nanti I refer to you ye. Goodluck!!! - Kak Liza

Lucky Wife

Horay!! My 1st male customer also my friend ordered this cake for his beloved wife.. soo lucky..
so sorry coz not send by myself.. have to ask my mom's help to deliver this cake..
Thanks Apis.. n happy belated birthday to ur lovely wife!! May Allah bless u.. and wish u guys marriage last 4ever.. amin.. :)
Happy Munching!!

to amoi... thanks for da cokelat kek... mmg sedap abis.. harga yg amat berpatutan... amat sesuai kepada cokelat lover mcam aku nie... muahahahah!! don wori aku akan order lg pasnie...- Apislinkin

Ho Ho Ho

This cuppies was order by Kak Lynn for presentation.. She requested Christmas theme..
ho ho ho.. :D
Happy Munching!!
p/s: nice knowing u.. (n_n)v

me glad knowing u too..
they love it.. simply need to wait until next step of presentation.. there is 2nd level :p
big firm, big requirement..- Kak Lynn

Birthday Hairon!!

I'm still not a good photographer.. hehe.. see.. blur je.. aiyak..
this cuppies was order by Ain for her sis's bf..
Happy Belated Hairon..
Happy Munching!! :)

Lil Aisha - Charity

Lil Aisha's club order this cuppies for jualan amal at her school.. Many² thanks to them.. I enjoyed make this cuppies for them.. :) May Allah bless u guys.. amin..
Ada lg cuppies but design quite same..
Happy Munching!!