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De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Valentine's Day

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Salam guys..
So sorry coz lama giler x update blog.. ^^"
Pejam celik pejam celik January pn da abis.. time flies soo fast.. makin tua la kita.. huhuu.. :P
and pejam celik pejam celik Valentine's day is around corner..

Hv u guys thought wut surprise u guys want to give for ur loved one?? Y not u guys give our cupcakes for ur loved?

We @dE Sweet Bite have package for Valentine's day which u guys can choose..

Cupcake's Package :

1. Garden of Love

2. Talking Love

3. Bug's Love

Price : RM66 (including valentine's stuff)

Closed order date (Valentine's order) : 09/02/2009 (After this date d price will be RM77)

Cake's Package :

Flavor : Chocolate Moist
Topping : Chocolate Ganache with Marshmallow
Mould : Love
Designs : Pucca & Garu
Price : RM78 (Including Valentine's stuff)

Closed order date (Valentine's order) : 09/02/2009 (After this date d price will be RM88)

I'll upload the Valentine's pic AFTER Valentine's day is over (I bet u guys knw y i'm not upload d designs)

If u guys interested with our package, please deposit min RM16 to our Maybank account (I'll give Maybank account number thru email) for booking d order

I can make surprise delivery on Valentine's day (14th Feb 2009) just let me knw early

Believe me dat u guys wont regret with our Valentine's package.. (n_n)v

P/S: Ur Valentine/Valentino will get our super duper cute card (Many² thanks Jerry for d designs.. (n_n)v )

Any question please Gmail me (

Happy Munching!

Searching love..

Thanks Siti(Dyson) for order from me again.. ^^
Happy birthday to ur son.. May Allah bless him and hope wut he wish will come true.. and b a good boy ^^

Thanks Zizan (K-heart) for order from me again.. ^^v
Make surprise to delivery for his fiancee, Idoura..
soo sweet ^^

Thanks Nieta for order from me again.. :)
congrats on ur pregnancy.. yippie (n_n)v
Make surprise delivery for her hubby.. vroooom... ^^

Thanks Zalifa

Thanks Zalifa for order from me again.. :)
Happy birthday Farris... May Allah bless u.. may ur wish come true.. and b a good boy (n_n)v

Thanks Siti

Thanks Siti for ur order..
Happy belated birthday to Siti's hubby and SIti's sis..
May u guys wish come true.. amin.. :)


Thanks Fadzillah for ur order..
COngrats for ur engagement.. so sorry i told my adik ur name lain.. ^^'

Thanks Ain for order again on behalf ur sis in law..
and thanks for d angpow.. hihihi.. :P

Thanks Farah for order from me..
Congrats for ur engagement..
and thanks to my adik coz cari map.. and drived.. yippie (n_n)v..

Thanks Shela

Thanks Shela for ur order.. ^^
Happy belated birthday Shela's dad.. May ur wish come true :)

your cuppies nice la.. my abah suka.. - shela

glad u guys like it..

Thanks En Azhar and my neighbour

Thanks En Azhar's wife for order from me.. :)
She's order for her sons and request utk lukis 2 pic of Ben 10..
Hope u guys like it.. :)

Thanks to my neighbour... alahai camne la xtau nama die.. ^^"
always call her awak.. lupe nk tanya nama.. She's order for her mom at Kelantan.. vroooom.. :)

Thanks Jean & Joe

Happy belated birthday Joe!!May ur wish come true ^^
So sorry cant come to cafe and celebrate ur bday.. ^^"
and thanks Jean for always order from me for ur cafe.. (:

Thanks Ika & Sally

Happy belated birthday Kay.. May Allah bless u..
thanks Sally for ordered from me.. :)

Ayumi,tqvm ya for d cupcakes. Dia suke sangat.. - Sally

glad u like it Kay (n_n)v

Thanks again Ika for order for ur friend.. ^^

Thanks Fara

Thanks Fara for ur order.. ^^v
and thanks to Arshad for pick up d cake/cupcakes.. (:

Thanks Anne

Thanks Anne for ur order.. glad u and ur bf like it (n_n)v