De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

New Year 2009

20012009 (0220)
Hi guys..
How's ur new year?? So sorry no update for few weeks..
kinda busy.. ^^"
Wanna say thanks soo soo much to all my customers.. my friends.. for order.. for recommends dE Sweet Bite.. thanks a bunch..

Hope this year will bring happiness to all of us.. amin..

Hope u guys can spare few bucks of ur money and donate to tabung Palestine..
and hope this war will end soon.. amin..
and try to boycott US and Israel (starbucks especially) products.. and change to local product..

Any Q please Gmail me..

Good news.. for couple who want suprise her/him on valentine's day with our super lovey dovey creations.. u guys wont regret it.. I'll post d pics ASAP..


Thanks Ika

Thanks Ika for ur order.. again.. :)

Thanks Emy

Thanks Emy for order from me.. again ^^v
and thanks Kak Rozie for keep emailed me ur order.. ^^ muacss

Thanks Kak Wati, Kak Lynn and Fidieya

Thanks Kak Wati for d order..
So sorry for d delay to pick up d cupc8 ^^"
and thanks Kak Rozie for recommend me to Kak Wati.. muacss :)

Thanks Kak Lynn for d order..
At last akak jugak kene pick up.. ^^"
thanks for d ole² :P

Thanks Fidieya for order from me again.. :)
Designs requested by her.. and d design from wondermilk ^^.. thanks a bunch wondermilk

Thanks Fiza

Thanks Fiza for ur order..
Fiza request blueberry filling for d cake..
Hope u and d birthday girl like it (n_n)

Thanks Intan

Thanks Intan for order from me again.. even.. errr.. last minute ^^"
Congrats for ur transfer to ur hometown.. yippie (n_n)v
and thanks to my younger bro for sent d cupc8s.. muacss

Thanks Kak Rozie

Thanks Kak Rozie for ur order from me again.. :)
So sorry cant draw Cars.. ^^"

Thanks Syed

Thanks Syed for recommend me to ur friend.. :)
ahh.. MU win ^^"

Thanks Melinda

Thanks Melinda for ur order..
Glad u and ur bf like it.. :)
D designs is from Melinda idea n i tried my best to deco.. ^^

Thanks a lot to my younger bro for company me.. and b a driver.. and read a map too.. ^^"
and thanks Shah for ur explanation to Jalan Pulasan ^^v

I can say that you are a superb artist....hehe
im 110% satisfied with your work :)
I had your cuppy cake 5 days after your delivery and it still taste good...i wonder how it taste on the 1st day...

Ive post a blog about your cupcakes as well

- melinda

Thanks Ain,Lia and Syed ^^

Thanks Ain (my old friend) for ur order.. ^^
Glad ur family like it (n_n)v

Thanks Syed (my Zook's friend) for ur order..
nice to meet u (n_n)v

Lia.. thanks for ur order.. again n again.. :)
and thanks to ur friend (khairul, if i'm nt mistake ^^" for pick up d cupc8)

Thanks Aqilah

Thanks Aqilah for ur order...
p/s: x dpt tgk ur fren ^^"

Thanks Zaza & Kak Anna

Happy belated birthday Addin..
May Allah bless U and hope wut u wish will come true.. amin
Thanks Kak Anna for order from me.. :)
p/s: mudah2an akak selamat lahirkan baby.. amin..

Thanks Zaza for d order... :)
so sorry dont hv extra cupc8 on dat day ^^"

hallo there..its nice to know u..
i like d cupcakes..
i'll surely buy more from u next time juz b prepared.. heheee..
nway.. thanx a lot!! - zaza

Thanks Nieta & Fidieya

Hope u like it Fidieya..
Thanks a bunch :)

Love Them So Much Amoi..
Thanks.. :)


Thanks Nieta for order from me again.. (n_n)v

Thanks Liz

Thanks Liz for order from me...
Happy belated birthday to ur hubby
May his wish come true.. amin :)