De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Friday, October 23, 2009

Chocolate Moist Order

Thanks to all my customers who always support me..
Thanks a lot!!

Chocolate Moist Cake
Round : RM50++ (depends on designs)
Square : RM67

Happy Munching!!
Take care..

@moi/ yumi

Berkat aka Doorgifts

Salam guys..

This is the latest product from dE Sweet Bite..
Sesuai untuk berkat majlis perkahwinan.. cukur jambul.. etc..

Single Cupcakes
Below 500 pcs = RM1.30
Above 500 pcs = RM1.20

* Price including packaging

Double Cupcakes
Below 200 pcs = RM1.90
> 251-500 pcs = RM1.80
Above 500 pcs = RM1.70

* Price including packaging

* Minimum Order : 100pcs
* Flavor : Chocolate / Strawberry / Pandan / Vanilla

Any questions, please SMS 016-7515204 or email me
Once u guys email me please SMS me.. tkt email masuk spam.. please take note..

I will close from 23/10/2009 till 03/11/2009 for vacation.. yippie!! and I'll OFF my handphone coz tpt vacation ni xde auto roaming.. any questions when i'm on holiday, just gmail me k..

Happy Munching!!
Take Care guys
@moi / Yumi

Friday, August 28, 2009

Order For Hari Raya 2009

Chewy Bite Almond Brownies – Plain

Size : 12 x 12 (inch)

Price : RM37.00

Chewy Bite Almond Brownies – Chocolate Ganache with Colorful dots

Size : 12 x 12 (inch)

Price : RM44

1) 1) Polka-dot Choc Fudge with White Honey Comb

1)P 2)Polka-dot Choc Fudge with Choc Rice

1) 3) Ketupat Choc Moist with Choc Rice

*For 1,2&3

Weight : 1.2kg ++

Price : RM45.00 (1pc)

RM88.00 (2pcs) (n.p RM50 pc)

4) Mosque Choc Moist with White Choc Mosque

Weight : 1.2kg ++

Price : RM50 (1pc)

RM95 (2pcs) (n.p RM55)

Kek Kukus Choc Moist with Choc Ganache and Choc Rice

Weight : 1kg++

Price : RM35.00 (1pc)

RM66.00 (2pcs) (n.p RM40)


Flavor : Chocolate Moist Cake

Topping : Chocolate Ganache

Quantity: 25pcs

Price : RM50 (n.p RM55)

Yummylicious Banji Roll (Kek Gulung Banji)

Weight : 800gm+- (Panjang 12inci)

Price : RM33.00 (1pc)

RM60.00 (2pcs)

Soft Marble Cake with Choc Rice

Size : 7 x 10(inch)

Price : RM28.00 (1pc)

RM54.00 (2pcs) (n.p RM32.00)

Traditional Special Tart (50pcs)

*Imported Butter & Manual Kelim

Price : RM33 (1bottle)

RM62 (2bottles)

Kacang Istimewa with Fried Garlic

Weight : 800gm +-

Price : RM 25.00

Once I confirm u guys order, u guys need to pay deposit.. and d balance when u guys pick up d order..

Date Order : until 09/09/2009
Pick up : 13 - 15th September 2009

Any questions please:
Call : 016-7515204
Email :

Make sure u guys order n taste our nyummy products for this coming Hari Raya

*Click picture for larger image.. :)

Happy Fasting & Happy Munching!!
Yumi/@moi ^^