De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Monday, June 16, 2008

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A'kum guys..
FYI, last week kancil accident.. so rite now kancil kat workshop.. dunno bile siap..
so if u guys want me to deliver, i have to check with my mom schedule.. so please please email awal to avoid disappointment..
Sorry coz lama x update..
Guys.. at the moment souffle cup da out of stock so i will use muffin cup.. same size cuma kertas die lembut je..
I take new designs for my cuppies.. but my bad talent in taken photo.. so the pics is blur..
nnt ada design baru, i will upload and let u guys know.. sorry..
Price for cuppies will be the same even some of ingredients naik harga..
so the price for cuppies 16pcs = RM38 and 25pcs = RM50
Happy Munching guys!!Take care.. muacss

amoi (n_n)v

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