De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Friday, November 7, 2008

My Angels (n_n)v

Hi guys...
I'm back from my holiday.. not really holiday i guess ^^"..
just see my nephews.. I just got new status.. b aunty to Asyraff(my bro) (11/10) and Nidal(my sis)(16/10)..
Alhamdulilah both my sis n SIL and my nephews selamat..
Sorry sebab ada order yg kita cancel masa kite cuti.. cant help it.. sorry again..
So rite now i'm back to business..

Price still d same for the cupcakes..
16pcs = RM38
25pcs = RM55

After u guys email me, i hope u guys can sms me..
takut u guys punye email masuk spam..
n dont 4get to put date kat subject email..

Another info, after this all the order u guys pick up from my home..
Map will b given after u guys punye order confirm..
I still make surprise delivery.. Just let me know early so I can manage my time.. :)

I will update my blog ASAP.. need to change few things ^^
Take care guys..

Happy Munching!!

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