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De Sweet Bite

Thursday, December 18, 2008

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18122008 (0430)

Hi guys..
How's ur guys day? 2day my birthday.. yg ke 26.. tua da.. uhuk uhuk.. ^^"
wish my dream will come true k.. :)
1st time I deco cake for myself.. ^^
Deco with Junki's pic on top.. yippie (n_n)v
Wanna say many² thanks to u guys yg keep give me support.. recommend me to ur fren.. thanks a lot.. Allah saja dapat balas jasa u guys..
So sorry coz lama gile no update in my blog.. ^^"

Last week my family buat kenduri for my Angels (Asyraff & Nidal)
Just wanna share their pics.. i'm so so so so excited and happy b an aunty 2 lovely dovey + cute angels.. (n_n)v
Doorgift for guest yg datang :)
Hantaran yg di gubah oleh my sis in law (Wawa)

Kite ada buat order for Christmas Day theme.. cuma dont hv time to make sample's pic..
I will try if I hv time..
Thanks again..
13days more to go b4 2008 will end..
Dont 4get to dream.. and wish.. and then fight for it..
Wish me luck k.. amin

Happy Munching!!


G2 said...

Have a fabulous birthday Amoi! I did not expect Junki face on your birthday cake but I have to admit, he does look gorgeous ^_^ You're so talented. I wish I could taste...him LOL. wishing you the very best on this special day and many more days to come. Lots of Love from G2

melindarudy said...

salam...Happy birthday to you. Age is just a praying for your success and happiness in the world :)