De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Thursday, October 21, 2010

New Price & New Size

Salam guys..

New price n new size of cuppies :

S = 2 oz
36pcs (RM75)

M = 2.5 oz
16pcs (RM38/4designs) 25pcs (RM55/5designs)

L = 3.25 oz
16pcs (RM45/4designs) 25pcs (RM65/5designs)

For S size, only simple designs due to limited space..
D price including d designs.. (deco wif buttercream)
If using fondant, d price will b different.. GMAIL me d designs n I will let u know d price.. =)

**Flavor & Topping : Heavenly Chocolicious (My recommendation)**

I will slowly update my blog.. =)
Thanks for all d wishes..'Wish our marriage last forever.. amin.. <3

Happy Munching!!

Best regards,
Amoi/Yumi/Mrs Faisal..

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