De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Chelsea VS MU


Tomorrow the final of UEFA Champions what team u guys vote?? d blue side of MU or the red side of MU?

Honestly I’m not fanatic fan of football.. but I like Michael Ballack so I will pom pom for Chelsea.. ehhehe.. :p

Sorry guys sebab lama sangat x upload picture n no post pape.. busy sket..

so i'll try my best to upload picture this week..
before i forget.. Happy Mother's Day to all moms around d world especially my moms, atuk, aunty and mother's 2 be (my lovely sis,my sis in law and my friend, Nora)
and another wish Happy teacher's day.. :)

p/s: starting 1st June the price of cupppies will change.. and new design will upload..
take care!!
Happy Munching guys!!

aiyak.. chelsea kalah lak.. huhu..

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