De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Congrats Bort & Adibah

Congrats Khairil aka Bort & Adibah!!
Long time no see u Bort.. u still same like b4.. ur wife so cute.. Adibah, dont 4get to bully Bort :p n i'll wait for ur 'football's team' (n_n)v
Masa deliver ni raining on dat day.. Lucky cake & cupcakes ok.. huhu
Thanks to my adik for ur favor.. Glad to hv u by my side.. muacss ^^
Glad to hear both of u and ur family like it so much.. :)
May ur marriage last forever.. amin..

P/S : Any questions bout tier please Gmail me.. :)

Happy Munching!!

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