De Sweet Bite

De Sweet Bite

Friday, March 6, 2009

Holiday (n_n)v

06032009 (0803)
Salam guys..

SO sorry coz lama not update at my blog.. not upload d pics..
But really grateful n thanks a lot for all of u guys yg order from me.. I'll upload d pics soon..
For couple yg their wedding this week, congrats k.. so sorry coz kene amik early d cake but thanks for still trusting me to make ur guys wedding cakes & cupcakes..

I'm going to closed my shop from 05th Mac till 16th Mac.. will have holiday with my family.. and with angels too.. yippie (n_n)v
so sorry i cant take ur guys order...

Take care guys!! muacss...


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kamalina a.k.a aimi said...

wah...nak pegi bercuti2... jauh ker?? lamanya cuti tu..